Now that this season of long days and endless fun is in full swing, we want to talk about the benefit of all this sunshine…which is Vitamin D. Maybe you have seen that it is added to your orange juice; but the most enjoyable way to get an adequate supply of this nutrient is to get out and catch some rays! Vitamin D, produced naturally in your body when exposed to sun, allows your body to absorb all the calcium it needs; which, in turn, promotes bone growth and strength. What does that have to do with us? We want you to take the best care possible of all the bones in your mouth! When bone in your mouth is of poor quality, or even missing, your teeth do not function, feel or look as well as they should. So here is a prescription for this summer: sit by the pool, take a hike, play some ball… do whatever you like to (safely) get some sun. And do it all in the name of healthy teeth, of course. Please wear your sunscreen, too!