Adams Dental is proud to offer implant placement and restoration to our patients. If you’re not familiar with implants, consider this: if you’ve lost a tooth or are at risk of losing one imminently, it can be replaced without a bridge, or a partial or full denture. Dental implants replace a single tooth, or several, and can be flossed just like natural teeth.

Here’s how it works: We place a titanium implant in the space your lost tooth used to occupy. That titanium is accepted by the surrounding bone and becomes as strong – and perhaps stronger – than the tooth you no longer have. Later, we top the implant with a crown. Voila! No one would ever know you lost a tooth in that space, and your chewing function is restored.

If you need an extraction today but plan on having an implant later, count on us to preserve your extraction site. We do this by adding granulated bone back to the area, so your jaw is strengthened and ready for future implant placement. Extractions, once permanent, are now just a step in the process of reclaiming your smile.

Ask us today how dental implants can help you improve the variety in your diet, restore your confidence or find your smile again.