Imagine a place where your every need is anticipated; where you can be truly comfortable. Imagine someone listening and responding to your questions and concerns, making your dreams of a beautiful smile come true. Imagine being treated like a family member. That’s the place we’re committed to creating every day, in our office. With the advent of technology, profound anesthetic and breakthrough improvement in dental materials… we know you’re going to get more than you expected from our team, and that “old” dental office in your mind will soon be a fading memory. If you can imagine a better dental experience, we’re ready to make your dreams reality. 


Practice philosophy – our philosophy can be summed up quickly. We have:

A firm commitment to the Golden Rule, unshakable faith, and the fortunate ability to show our belief through caring for others

A conservative diagnostic style, so our advice resonates with you

A passion for excellence, learning and health education

A strong desire to reshape the way people think about their oral health

A love of giving back confidence, joy and dignity to our patients who are uncomfortable with their appearance


What makes us different?

Every dentist has their own philosophy and way of practicing. We’re different because:

  • Our team continues to build on their talent
  • We are driven by quality, compassion and high standards
  • Each of us shares a passion for care that guides us each day
  • We’re committed to Alexandria, Watertown, Lebanon, Smithville and Crossville, and the surrounding areas. This is our home and we want to play an integral role in our community.
  • We are determined to be the dental office that changes your concept of what it’s like to go to the dentist. We won’t settle for being anything less than exceptional. And we have the drive to ensure that we give the service, experience and result that you deserve.