It’s time for new books, school clothes, sports schedules, and homework. Consider these tips as your child gets back in the swing of the school year:

Don’t chew on writing instruments.
Many children with nervous energy chew on pencils and pens. This bad habit can easily chip or crack a tooth and will damage orthodontic hardware if your child has braces.

Be Healthy!
Children need the proper food for their school day. Candy, sodas and starchy treats don’t provide the energy to learn and perform well in the classroom or in after school activities. If you’re packing lunches, try using fresh fruit for your sweet item, or choose carrot sticks instead of chips as a side. Encourage your child to drink water instead of sodas, sports drinks or Kool-Aid.

Visit the Dentist
Even with the busyness of the school year, it’s important for your child to visit our office. Professional cleanings will reduce damaging tartar buildup on teeth and help spot any dental problems. Early identification can help prevent cavities and reduce costs of future treatment. Sooner is always better in terms of prevention. Be sure to ask us about the benefits of sealants to protect against decay. Most of all, we want your child to have an awesome back-to-school experience and a great year. We are always here to help!