We want our patients to love their smiles. We are here to help you with your oral health. The most important part of a beautiful smile is strong, healthy teeth, which is our main concern for our patients. If there is something about your teeth that keeps you from smiling with confidence, let us know.

While brushing and flossing are very important, so are avoiding foods and bad habits that can harm your teeth. If you experience jaw soreness or headaches when you wake up, you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep. Not only is this painful, but it causes excessive wear, and your smile will appear “older”. During your exam, we will look for signs of teeth grinding (Bruxism), as well as other issues that may become future problems.

We take pride in our patients’ smiles! We care that your teeth are healthy, and we are glad that our patients trust us for their dental care. Contact us today if you need to schedule an appointment or have questions.